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Welcome to Aviation Fellowships new site.  Sometimes things happen that are just good in spite of being bad. We are renovating our site (and rebuilding) due to a data center that just vanished!

Aviation Fellowship is a group of Christian Aviators and aviation enthusiasts who share our faith in Jesus Christ to the Aviation Community. (Read More on the About Us Page)

We meet once a month at Grand Prairie Airport, for fellowship, planning, and education. You are welcome to join us on the second Saturday of any month, currently at 9:30AM.

Members help distribute “free Bibles” in local airports and FBO’s.

We also attend Air Shows and Aviation Events and pass out Bibles to anyone who is interested.

Bear with us while we get moved!

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Thanks to our founder Kerry Mackey!

Thank you for visiting, check back shortly for better information about us.

6 thoughts on “Aviation Fellowship – Sharing God’s Word”

  1. I own the FBO in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Bama Air Inc. As a fellow Christian and pilot I would like to obtain several copies of The Covenant of God’s Love to display and give fellow pilots that pass thru the Tuscaloosa area.
    I would be more than happy to pay for them or to make a donation to your organization.


    Danny DuBose
    Bama Air Inc
    4800 Carter Drive
    Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401

    Office 205-349-399-
    Cell 205-799-2030

  2. I would like to purchase a case of the NT in Spanish. They would be donated to the First Methodist Resale Shop in Mansfield, TX. Bibles are given free to those individuals/families that visit the shop. There is a need for the NT in Spanish.

  3. I am the Alan McKenzie that requested a case of the NT in Spanish, March 29, 2016. They have been well received and I wish to continue making them available to the Spanish speaking residents of Mansfield. Please email me or phone. (817-473-7671/H 501-256-7988/C)

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